LED Lighting

LED lighting is a significant component of our energy efficiency investment sectors. From incandescent lightbulbs, over compact fluorescent lamps, to the modern LED, the lighting industry is currently being disrupted in multiple waves. These waves create a multitude of opportunities for innovation in which we are successfully participating.


Hydropower is the oldest renewable energy source. AQAL is building an international portfolio of hydropower plants, and invests in hydropower technologies.


E-Mobility is a necessity for a low-carbon economy. We are supporting new drive train technologies, batteries, and service models.

"Cube" energy efficient data center

Energy Efficient Data Centers (NDC Data Centers GmbH)

AQAL AG has founded NDC Data Centers GmbH to address the market’s demand for energy efficient data centers. The world-wide data center market is growing rapidly. Data centers are getting ever larger and need to handle higher energy density. At the same time, the energy overhead for cooling the facilities must be reduced in order to continue sustainable growth. AQAL
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